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  • President of Confidential Investigative Services, Inc., a Detective Agency licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Private Investigator since 1986
  • Awarded the coveted designation of Certified Legal Investigator in 1989 by the National Association of Legal Investigators.  Ms. Cowan is one of a small group of female investigators in the country to have earned this coveted designation.
  • The designation of Certified Criminal Defense Investigator was conferred upon Ms. Cowan by the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council in 2000.
  • Appointed to Chair the Certified Legal Investigator Program as well as the Continuing Education Committee over a number of years for the National Association of Legal Investigators
  • Member of the Disciplinary Committee as well as several Conference Committees
  • Lifetime membership for her dedication and service to the Association was awarded to Ms. Cowan in 2000
  • Diverse experience in the various investigative disciplines
  • Ms. Cowan has assisted counsel in the most complex civil litigation as well as highly publicized and difficult criminal defense cases.
  • Appointed as an investigator in both State and Federal jurisdictions to assist counsel in preparation for trial
  • Individually licensed as a Private Detective in New Jersey
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