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Request Court Filings and Retrievals
Courthouse Research and Retrieval

B&R Services will pick up your local, state, or federal court filings, research and retrievals.  These services are available on a nationwide basis, from any courthouse in the country.

  • Filings will be hand delivered to the requested court and time-stamped copies will be returned to your office. ¬†Federal court will return a time-stamped copy by mail if you attach a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  • Philadelphia court documents can be E-Filed by request.
  • Through manual research of public court and government records, B&R can locate documents related to cases, previous filings and other public documents.

Legal research and document retrievals are charged on an hourly basis.

Regular Scheduled Pick-ups (Retainer Based)

B&R can schedule a daily, bi-weekly or weekly pick up, based on location, for all of your filing needs.

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