“Your dedication to training attorneys/investigators so that their service to their clients is improved is very much appreciated. Thank you again for a job far beyond well done.”

Chief Professional Development Division, Law Office of the COOK COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDER

"B&R Services has always exceeded every expectation and need of our firm with utmost professionalism, accuracy and excellent turnaround. In this partnership we are able to provide the quality of service our clients demand. The management and staff of B&R Services is without equal in this industry."

Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller

"For over 15 years my firm has counted on B&R for our process serving and filing needs.  They always provide fast and reliable service and the B&R staff is courteous and understanding of our needs.  I would recommend B&R Services to any firm looking for the best service at a great price!"

Law Offices of Gregory Javardian

"We have been a satisfied B & R customer for thirty years. They are absolutely unmatched in service. They have become a regular fixture in the office each morning and our staff enjoys the personal service which always comes with a smile, a laugh or a good story each day."

Wapner, Newman, Wigrizer and Brecher

"Since I entered private practice in 1976 I have relied on B&R for process service, court reporting and investigative services. They have never let me down."

Cogan & Associates

"I have worked with B&R Services for over 20 years. The company is completely professional, totally service oriented, and has a great "can-do" attitude. No project is too large or too small. Whether I need investigative help, court reporting, filing or service of legal documents, B&R Services has always been there. In this type of business, they are the best!"

Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller

"As a customer for more than 35 years, B&R has consistently provided an exceedingly high standard of support for our air crash litigation firm. Not only have your reporters shown courtesy accuracy and expeditiousness but your investigations and process serving has been innovative and always accomplished the objective. I cannot more strongly recommend you to others."

The Wolk Law Firm

"B&R has been providing the highest quality process service, depositions, and investigative services for my clients for almost three decades! I recommend B&R to any lawyer who wants the best quality professional services available."

Founding Partner Kline & Specter, P.C.

"I appeared before Municipal Court Judge Gilbert yesterday. The judge, who routinely takes the time to read all of the documents in the court file, reviewed B&R's return of service. The judge commented on the record at length about how thorough the return was - that it was complete in every respect. She was impressed by the process server's thoroughness and persistence in obtaining the enormous amount of information he included. Kudos to Thomas Kenney."

"B&R Services has always been a part of my legal career in Pennsylvania. When I first met Fred in 1979, he was making some of the stops to pick-up and deliver filings himself. And now, many years later, whenever he visits my office he still makes it a point to see me. I appreciate the personal touch from him and his entire staff who are always professional, courteous, and will bend over backwards to get the job done. They allow me to be the expert that I am at filing and serving complaints and I cannot recommend a better company to assist law firms with their process serving, investigation, and court filing services."